Ray ComfortMay God bless this publication, and use it to His glory.

- Ray Comfort, President, Author, T.V. Host, Living Waters Publications

Todd FrielEvangelicalism could use a little house cleaning. The modern‐day message of "Say a prayer, sign your Bible, and you are now a Christian," has produced disastrous fruit yielding a bumper crop of false converts. Emilio's book will go a long way in bringing clarity to the all‐ important issue of salvation for the preacher and parishioner alike.

- Todd Friel, Host of Wretched TV and Wretched Radio

John w. HendryxA truly insightful and readable modern-day Reformed treatment of the doctrine of conversion. If there is anyone who wants to get an outstanding explanation of what the Bible teaches on conversion and want to understand the federal representation of Adam and Christ CORRECTLY, instead of the countless inaccurate explanations offered, then this book by brother Ramos is a must-read.

- John w. Hendryx, Director of Monergism.com

Lane ChaplinFor those looking for a complete treatment of the issue of conversion, you would be hard pressed to find one better than Convert. Ramos goes into great detail to explain what it means to be a new creature in Christ, and he still manages to do it in a way that any layperson can understand.

- Lane Chaplin, Owner of LaneCh on YouTube and host of Rightly Divided

Peter HammondEmilio Ramos has done the Church a great service by producing this timely and vital book: Convert – From Adam to Christ. Emilio is devoted to the exegetical expositionary preaching of the Word of God. He and his wife Trish are inspiring examples of evangelistic zeal and biblical faithfulness. May God be pleased to use this dynamic new book to inspire and empower evangelists to faithfully proclaim God's Word and effectively win souls for Christ.

- Peter Hammond, Reformation Historian

Paul TaylorThe Bible tells us that there are two kinds of people in the world. They are the unsaved and the saved. In the New Testament, we read that these are those who are of the first Adam and those who are of the last Adam (i.e. Jesus). In this excellent book, Emilio Ramos traces what is actually happening spiritually and biblically when we move from being "those who are made of dust" to being "those who are heavenly." There is nothing else quite like this book, setting evangelism and the entire Gospel message in the context of a worldview, which begins with the foundational truth of Genesis. Emilio is to be commended for this practical yet theological work.

- Paul Taylor, Director of Ministry Development Creation Today, formerly Senior Speaker and Manager of Answers in Genesis, UK/Europe

Justin PetersChristian bookstore shelves are laden with books about how to strengthen relationships, be better parents, manage time, and have a more fulfilling prosperous life. Few books are written on exactly how one becomes a Christian. How does one go from being dead in sin to alive in Christ? What are the machinations of this process and what do its results look like? With both the precision of a careful theologian and the heart and compassion of a pastor and evangelist, Emilio Ramos gives an excellent treatment of the biblical doctrine of conversion. Convert will be of tremendous doctrinal and practical value to both pastor and layman alike. I enthusiastically recommend it.

- Justin Peters, Justin Peters' ministry

Manuel Brambila"This book is so rich, I wish everyone who passes out a tract could read it."

- Manuel Brambila, Owner, Alexandre III Hotel, Cannes France and Personal Assistant to Ray Comfort

Greg ElasserChristians worldwide can breathe a much appreciated sigh of relief for Ramos's Convert: From Adam to Christ, which explains to us what the Word of God has been teaching us for thousands of years: conversion is a complete and generous work of the Spirit. What a load off our shoulders to realize the miracle of a changed heart has nothing to do with sinful man!

- Greg Elsasser, Cast, "The Adventures of Roman and Jorge"

Sye Ten BruggencateConvert: From Adam to Christ is wonderfully written and provides great insight to what it means to be in Adam or in Christ. The world needs to read Convert and understand this! I really enjoy Emilio's style and especially the humor he inserts with respect to his obvious yen for Mexican food.

- Sye Ten Bruggencate, Speaker, Debater, and Owner of proofthatGodexists.org

Mark SpenceConvert should be read by anyone who is serious about the Gospel.

- Mark Spence, Dean of Students, Biblical School of Evangelism

Mike Sarkissian"I plan on taking the whole church through Convert."

- Mike Sarkissian, Th. M: Pastor of Sovereign Grace Church of Perris, author of Before God: The Biblical Doctrine of Prayer

David Martin"I highly recommend this book. This would be a great study for your church."

- David Martin, Radio Host and Founder of "Hearts for the Lost"

Scott Davis"Convert should be required reading for every person who professes Christ."

- Scott Davis, President Baldy Hill Bible & Tract Society